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This website was created by a young innovative law firm.

Our goal is to connect with like-minded and like-hearted organizations and individuals, assisting them in overcoming their legal and regulatory challenges in the fields of regeneration, sustainable innovation, decentralization, eco-solutions and green-tech, web3 and positive impact.


we do

We offer innovative, global, tech-enabled, and interdisciplinary legal services.

We consider not only the regulatory and legal issues, but also practicalities of implementation of regenerative and sustainable solutions using new, technologically advanced products and services. We will help you innovate or transition from your traditional, degenerative, or linear structures, products, solutions and processes to regenerative, circular or sustainable ones.

We help projects that use technology, designs, or other methods, with the purpose of regenerating and protecting individuals, society, and our biosphere. We also work with organizations that help mitigate and reverse the effects of human activity on the environment and ourselves. Ultimately, we strive to contribute to the well-being of people and the planet.

Key services

  • Assessment of business models and related legal consequences

  • Drafting of contracts, terms, and other documentation

  • Business transactions support, creation of partnerships
  • Organizational and company setups, founder relations, investment support

  • Corporate governance and general organizational consultancy

  • Internal guidelines and other governance documents drafting
  • Representation before regulators, supervisory and administrative bodies

  • Licensing and authorization proceedings

  • Legal due diligence, regulatory compliance advice and risk management
  • Setting up data protection processes and privacy mechanisms

  • Competition, trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property related issues
  • Representation in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and administrative proceedings

  • Full legal support in day-to-day operations, including people-related agenda

About us

Dalibor is an attorney and legal architect who specializes in regeneration, decentralization, and innovation. In his practice, he assists regenerative, circular, sustainable, web3, new tech, greentech, and other eco-friendly startups and scale-ups in their journey from inception to fruition. His objective is to effectively merge innovative approaches and designs with environmentally friendly solutions.

Find more information about Dalibor here.

We focus on

Regenerative Finance (ReFi), Impact Finance, Sustainable Finance, and Green Bonds 

The four types of finance we focus on - sustainable, green, impact, and regenerative - are gears towards investing in projects that are meant to have positive effects; using money as a tool to solve systemic problems, regenerate communities, and natural environments.

Carbon Credits, Offsets and Carbon Markets  

Credits and carbon offsets are tools utilized to fight climate change by reducing emissions, protecting natural carbon sinks, and removing carbon from the atmosphere all while fostering biodiversity, wildlife, and the communities that live around them. 

Waste Management, Circular Economy, and Recycling

A circular economy closes the loop between extraction, manufacturing, and disposal by advocating for product designs that reduce waste, prolonging the use of products and material, and recycling end‐of‐life product materials back into the economy.

Renewable Energy and Cleantech

Renewable energy comes from sources or processes that are constantly replenished such as solar, wind, geothermal energy, and hydroelectric power. Cleantech takes advantage of new technology to obtain energy in ways which do not pollute our environment.

Food Safety and Regenerative Agriculture  

Regenerative agriculture is an alternative means of producing food that may have lower, or even net positive, environmental and/or social impacts. Access to enough safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health.

ESG Standards Compliance

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are a set of standards used to screen investments based on corporate policies while simultaneously encouraging companies to act responsibly.  Thus, providing non-financial criteria that companies use to support sustainable business practices and valuable creation. 

Plastic, Chemical Safety and Pollution

Plastics are materials made of complex mixtures of chemicals, these chemicals are often hazardous to human health as well as to ecosystems at the global level. Pollution of our ecosystems by plastics and even other dangerous chemical materials can be detrimental for the future of our planet.

Environmental Protection and Green-Tech 

Green-tech is an umbrella term that describes the use of technology and science to create environmentally friendly products and services. The overarching goal of this new-age tech is to protect the environment, repair damage already done to the environment, and conserve the planet's natural resources.

Health-tech, Med-Tech, and Biotech

The health of our environment can be improved through new technologies, but new tech, such as health-tech, med-tech, and biotech, can also positively impact the health of ourselves. For instance, health-tech promotes personal care, whereas med-tech offers devices and instruments for better, more accurate treatments and diagnosis. Additionally, biotech uses living processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products or technology intended to improve the quality of human life.

The rise of

a regenerative lawyer

Being a regenerative lawyer refers to practicing law in a way that aligns with the principles of nature.

Regenerative law recognizes the interconnectedness of legal systems, individuals, human society, and the natural ecosystems.

Regenerative lawyer is someone who approaches their legal practice with a focus on positive impact, sustainability, and well-being of both clients and the legal system.

We follow these principles

We consider the broader impacts of legal decisions and aim to address the long-term impact on the individual, social, environmental, and economic aspects of the issues we work on. We understand that legal problems are often interconnected and interdependent with larger systemic challenges.

We prioritize sustainability and regeneration by seeking legal solutions that promote ecological health, social and individual well-being. We strive to go beyond mere compliance with existing laws and work towards fostering resilience, overall balance, and positive change.

Instead of solely focusing on adversarial approaches, we prioritize alternative dispute resolution methods that seek to repair relationships and find win-win solutions between parties.

We actively engage with the community, seeking to understand the broader social context in which legal issues arise and working towards solutions that benefit community and the whole society.

We believe that the right innovation and development can be achieved only through strong, self-reliant, and autonomous individuals, who are able to express their unique and authentic selves in the areas of their choosing. Truth and transparency are key for us in communication, sharing and relating with ourselves and others.

We collaborate with other disciplines, such as environmental science, social justice, or economics, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges we address. We work closely with clients, communities, and stakeholders to co-create solutions that benefit multiple parties and the environment.

We integrate ethical considerations into our legal practice. We focus on promoting justice, equality, and the well-being of present and future generations. We also consider the rights of nature, acknowledging that ecosystems have inherent value and deserve legal protection.

We actively advocate for legal reforms that support sustainability, regeneration, and a just society. We engage in public interest litigation, policy advocacy, and community education to promote a legal framework aligned with our values and to empower the community with legal knowledge, promoting legal literacy and understanding.

As a core principle, we follow the golden rule that encourages individuals to treat others as they would like to be treated themselves. This principle promotes empathy, fairness, and respect for others.



Our clients are more than just clients; they are our friends who share a common goal of creating a world where everyone can thrive to their full potential while living in alignment with the environment, fostering fulfilling relationships, and networks with others.

We co-create with

Regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and eco-village projects

Sustainable real-estate development and co-housing

Web3 projects, green-techs, impact and regenerative funds, and DAOs

Ethical banks, financial cooperatives, and crowdfunding platforms

Entrepreneurs developing eco-friendly as well as circular products and services

Alternative food networks, urban food gardens and producer-consumer cooperatives

Decentralized forms of renewable and clean energy production and distribution

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